To prevent customer disputes you need proof


the Go-Camapp: Evidence Reports at a single touch.

Users touch the app, point & speak. A video-based Evidence Report is instantly sent to colleagues by e-mail.

Create an Evidence Report at the start and / or end of a contract

An Evidence Report delivers irrefutable proof of circumstances, something which a video alone does not do.

Copy the Evidence Reports to clients when sending invoices.

Disputes are avoided, bills are paid in full and customer relations stay good.

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Go-Cam is also available as a white label service for re-branding as your own app.

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At a single touch, Go-Cam streams a live report and sends email and text alerts to nominated recipients.

Reports function worldwide and are sent live if there is a WiFi or mobile network, or backed-up if not, then securely archived.

The Report Page provides irrefutable evidence of time, location and sender details along with the video.





The Report Page shows the video (live or recorded), sender details, a location map and an in-app texting tool.

All reports are securely archived for access at a later time.


incident report examples

Use it for :

Auto Hire & Lease Returns

Kitchen and Bathroom Installations

Carpet Fitters

Vehicle repairs

Rental Property Inventories

Builders Supplies


Plant Hire

Deliveries & Logistics

Insurance Claims

Tool Hire

Domestic Appliances: Boiler & White Goods Suppliers

Plumbing & Electrical Installations





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